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About Us

Triad Kannada Association (TKA) is a non profit organization. It was established as a small group in 1996 & it has grown in size since then. The purpose of this association was (& still is) to preserve & share literary, educational and cultural activities of Karnataka, India. The organization has been successfully serving that purpose, year-after-year, by hosting various events. 
Every year, the organization sponsors an annual picnic event (during fall) and also a family reunion event to celebrate UGADHI - New Year (usually in the month of March or April).  These events help bring folks together and help them meet & interact with other Kannada speaking people living in and around Triad. Children learn and perform our traditional music and dance during our New Year celebration. This gives them the opportunity to learn about our customs.
We are very pleased to be part of the Triad and other neighboring communities and hope to continue to play a positive role within the larger community.


TKA - Executive Committee - 2011-12   (Current)

 Main Coordinator  Rohini Belavadi
 Food Coordinator  Bharathi Akki
 Cultural Coordinator  Gautham Srihari
 Youth Representative  Sriram Chandra

TKA - Executive Committee - 2010-11  

 Main Coordinator  Manjunath Akkiangady
 Food Coordinator  Veena Puroshotham
 Cultural Coordinator  Vijaya Gowda 
 Youth Representative  Nirmala Shivakumar

TKA - Executive Committee - 2009-10

 Main Co-ordinator  Netra Shivakumar
 Food Co-ordinator  Sudha Lakkanna
 Cultural Co-ordinator  Padma James 
 Youth Representative  Shruthi Palagrahara