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Akka Idol top 3 - Hitesh Shivalingappa

Congratulations to... 

Hitesh Shivalingappa!!!

(son of Ambuja and Shivalingappa)

Hitesh Shivalingappa finished in the top 3 in the AKKA Idol 
singing competition at the 7th AKKA World Kannada Conference 
held in Atlanta GA on September 2nd, 2012. 

Jeenina holeyo haalina maleyo

The song he chose for the final round of the competition was 
"Jenina Holeyo" from the movie "Challisuva Modagalu" 
originally sung by Dr. Rajkumar. 

Hitesh was selected for the competition based on one of his prior performances.

Aadisi nodu bilisi nodu

Shaarade Daya Toorideee