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Canned Food Drive... a message from our Youth Coordianator

posted Mar 18, 2010, 11:55 AM by TKA Executive Committee   [ updated Mar 18, 2010, 12:14 PM ]
Hello Members,
We are on the verge of celebrating our New Year in pomp and circumstance; with mouth-watering foods, traditions, culture, and ethnic attire all in its full-blown glory. As we count the many blessings that have been showered upon us, it is equally important that we pause and think about those who are not as fortunate. The Greenboro Urban Ministry is severely running short of food as a result of the weak economic times and hence, is in dire need of help from donors and other individuals who can help out in any form or fashion. As a volunteer at this place, I can attest to this fact. 
As members of this community, it is our responsibility to do our part to help those in need. Hence, we will be having a CANNED-FOOD DRIVE at the Ugadi celebration this Saturday. We kindly request all the members to bring in some canned or non-perishable foods along with them to the program and donate it when you check in at the entrance. We prefer NOT to receive any monetary donations. We understand this entails extra work for you to go shopping, but remember that this will go a long way.
The following is the list of the kinds of foods that you can bring in:
Please select one or more canned or non-perishable food items such as:

Protein Sources
• Peanut Butter, 18 oz.

• Greens, e.g. Turnip, Mixed Vegetables
• Peas (green)
• Tomatoes, Corn, Green Beans

• Peaches, Pears, Fruit Cocktail, Applesauce

Other Items
• Soups
• Sugar, 2 lbs.
• Dry milk
• Oatmeal, 18 oz.
• Macaroni & cheese
• Bags of dry beans
• Rice, 1 lb. or larger bags
Please Note!
No glass containers or open packages 
Thank you very much for all your help and cooperation; we hope that we will be able to donate a reasonable quantity of food to the Greensboro Urban Ministry.
Shruthi Palagrahara